Scouter Mobility Oy

Certification type: Impact Leader

Certificate number: 202203772

Date Issued: 23/09/2022

Valid until: 23/09/2023

Scouter Mobility Oy was founded in 2013 to create a new type of electric light vehicle. The headquarters are in Tampere, Finland. Mission of the company is to cut local city transportation CO2 emissions significantly by an alternative to a car at a global scale. Our vision is to realize this by offering social, safe and fun light mobility solutions to all.

Scouter platform was created in a thorough R&D project with several prototype generations, with an engineering partner from automotive industry. Scouter platform is carefully designed light electric vehicle platform that enables physical and digital configurations for wide variety of user needs.

The platform has the following features:
• Social mobility & accessibility. Drive with a friend. For example, a child may be the driver and grandparent enjoys the ride. Disabled people can drive safely.
• Capacity: Scouter carries 2 persons and 170 kg cargo.
• Modularity: Scouter can be configured for a variety of use cases, from people commuting to services businesses and logistics.
• Brand and advertising: All surfaces can be easily branded in visually engaging ways.
• Lifetime: After one lifecycle, each Scouter will be updated and brought back to business.
• Digitality: Scouters are IoT nodes. They create data and use data.
• Fleet management: Vehicle fleets and individual vehicles are remote managed.

Scouter is more than ordinary platform. It is business platform, innovation platform, service platform, research platform, social platform, mobile marketing platform and learning platform.


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