Haaziq Kazi


Certification type: Impact Leader

Certificate number: 202203767

Date Issued: 22/07/2022

Valid until: 22/07/2023

Registered and aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 14, Ervis Foundation is a social enterprise that is dedicated to work against the adversities of plastic pollution. The aim is to not just educate, but to also inspire the youth to bring a generational change in the way we as a society interact with plastic.

The foundation was established with three-key approaches – Hero, Hub and Hygiene. The Hero initiatives encompass the short-term goals of the foundation. These primarily include the educational initiatives which focus on promoting ocean literacy and capacity building. The Hub initiatives include the mid-term goals, with key focus on driving digital engagement. These include the Zero Waste Marketplace which offers alternative products to plastic and the RoaRRR app which helps calculate your plastic footprint. And finally, the Hygiene initiative comprises the long term goals and moonshot projects such as Ervis, the Ship and an incubation lab which will be a space for young minds to develop their projects and innovation.

The foundation set sail in 2019 with the Hero initiative which aims at coordinating and driving awareness and communication among the youth of today so that they grow up to be more sustainable and responsible when using plastic. This journey began with the launch of the Blue Workshop program.

The Blue Workshops are designed to educate the present generation about the hazards of plastic waste and methods to mitigate the issue of plastic pollution. The workshop aims to instill behavioral changes in the way children, between 6 to 18 years of age, interact with plastic in terms of its consumption and disposal. The sessions focus on spreading awareness and engaging students with activities and discussions that encourage a sustainable and plastic-free approach to life. The educational hands-on activities help children to develop an all-round awareness and understanding of the existing problems associated with plastic and they gain comprehensive exposure to the adverse impacts that plastic waste has on marine life. In the first year the foundation successfully engaged with over 1,600 students from seven schools across India and Dubai.


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